How to Know if You’re a Despicable Customer (Part 2)

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Having to work in my family’s retail business as a manager, here are some of the examples of customers I found myself dreading to serve. 

3.Do you have something completely unrelated to your store?

“Hi there! How can I help you?”

“I’m looking for a new TV, would you happen to have model XYZ?”

“Sorry we don’t stock TV’s in our store, you might have better luck in TVs ‘r Us across the street from us.”

“What, then what do you have there?”

“That’s not for sale, unfortunately. I’m not sure if you’ve realised, this is a grocery store that you’ve walked into. And furthermore, that’s a microwave oven.”

4. Wouldn’t take NO for an answer.

“Hi there! How can I help you?”

“Hi, I remember buying a young virgin’s blood from this store before, I can’t find it any more. Where do you stock them?”

“Young vir… virgin’s blood? Is that the name of the product?”

“Well, no. The product is called “Haemo de Virgin”. I use it for curing constipation.”

“I am confident that we don’t have such product, but I can check the system for you. Young… Virgin’s… Blood… Nope, not in our system either, are you 100% sure you bought it from us?”

“Yes! It’s definitely this store I bought it from. I’ll look around, maybe I’ll find it.”

The above conversations may or may not have happened, but I can assure you many have come fairly close to it.

(To be continued)


Travelling Tips and Tricks

I’ll be flying to Taiwan and Hong Kong in about a week, so I thought it’s a good time to share some of what I’ve learnt from others regarding travelling.

1. Pack a set of change in your carry-on luggage.

Sometimes the check-in luggage may not arrive at your destination the same time as you. Also, if you defecate yourself, this will come in handy.

2. Dress for your destination.

For example, if you fly from Melbourne (winter) to Malaysia, don’t dress up in jackets and thick pants. Yes, you’ll be cold for that little while when entering the airport, but you’ll be very thankful in Malaysia. If problem arises at your destination, at least you’re dressed comfortably while sorting things out.

3. Make a copy of all your documents.

Make a photocopy, take a photo, or hand sketch all your important documents, i.e. your passport, your itinerary, flight booking, etc. If you lose any of those documents, it’ll make life a lot easier for yourself.

4. Make a list of what you’ve packed.

Write down what you’ve packed on a piece of paper and put it in your luggage where it’s clearly visible. This will help with the speed of declaration of luggage, at the same time deter any airport staff from stealing from you.

5. Bring pens.

Lots of forms to fill going in and out of countries, you’ll need pen. Common sense, really.

6. Take a photo of directories/maps that you need.

This will save you the hassle of finding a pamphlet when you need one, or the troubles of carrying one.

7. Know the social norms of your destination.

Pushing onto a train may not be offensive to some, while very offensive to others. In some countries, tips are almost mandatory, while other countries might be offended by your tipping. Also, find out how much to tip if the country accepts them, undertipping is pretty embarrassing!

8. Bring old clothes.

Bring clothes that you don’t want anymore, throw them out after a few final wear while overseas. It’ll free up space for souvenirs, or new clothes that you buy there. These are some of what I’ve learned and practiced while travelling. Do you have any other tips and tricks? If you do, please share by leaving a comment below!

Why Road Rage?

I don’t understand it at all, because from a logical standpoint, it’s completely stupid!

“Oh, that guy cut me off preventing me from reaching my destination on time by 2 seconds and almost caused an accident, I’m going to show him that I’m really angry by tailgating him for the next 5 minutes, risking my life and my car just to yell at him when he stops at the traffic lights. I don’t know who that guy might be, he may be Mike Tyson or even a kingpin for all I care, I’m going to show him who’s boss!”


How to Know if You’re a Despicable Customer (Part 1)

Having to work in my family’s retail business as a manager, here are some of the examples of customers I found myself dreading to serve. 

1. Earphones in.

Some people may not want to be bothered while they’re shopping, so they leave their earphones in to isolate themselves from the world around them, and that’s completely fair. However, if you checkout and not bother taking your earphones out of your ears with Snoop Dogg’s Drop It Like It’s Hot blasting out, and then proceeds to ask loudly “HOW MUCH?” as I total your items, I should have the rights to snip those cables before repeating my response (don’t get me wrong, I love that song!).

"That'll be $12.80," "..." "Sir?" "..."

“That’ll be $12.80, and stop smirking!”

2. Ignoring the staff.

This had occurred so many times since the opening of our business 4 months ago, you’d think I’d already gotten used to it. Nope, I hate it the first time, and I hate it even more now. When I say “Hello, how are you doing?”, you’re supposed to lie about your day and say “Good!” while mustering up a smile and continue with your shopping experience. Some people may have completely missed my initial greeting, so I usually let it slip. I will then make sure I speak at an audible volume as you checkout. If you reacted positively (i.e. eye contact, smile, and/or reply), great! You’re a decent customer and you have a lovely day! If you decided to make eye contact, keep a straight face and not reply, well, at least you’re trying, but I still hate you. If you won’t even bother to look up and straight out ignore me while paying by placing your money on the counter, I hope your mum stops loving you.

(Part 2)

Disclaimer: Many of my customers are wonderful people and are an absolute joy to serve, but the handful of dreadful customers can sometimes ruin my day. I don’t really hate everyone. Really.

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